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Apartaments in Saturnia

The Maremma, our Maremma, you from the welcome in one of our delicious apartments. We augur ourselves that your stay in our apartments, leads to you through the places of our earth and you gets passionate and you spells as it has made with we. It's a still integral and intact earth, where the simple stay for one sufficient vacation is  to giving to serenity and force of mind. Thrown  the haste, forgotten the noises, and making to take you for hand, you come to discover our sweet Maremma

Wohnung in Saturnia

Die Antere Maremma heißt Sie willkommen.
Wir hoffen, dass Sie ein Aufenthalt in einem unserer Ferienwohnungen fasziniert und Ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, die Orte, die Riten und die Geschichte unserer Region kennenzulernen.
Es ist ein noch intaktes ,klares, gut duftendes Land, in dem ein einfacher Urlaubsaufenthalt wieder ruhe und Kraft bringt. Lassen Sie jede Eile hinter sich, vergessen Sie den Lärm und atmen Sie die Luft mit geschlossenen Augen, genießen  Sie die tausend Gerüche und folgen Sie uns bei der Entdeckung unserer Dolce Maremma.



Fangoterapia parziale (20 minutes): Application of the thermal mud on the hands or on the feet. 
Fangoterapia (50 minutes): II package of mud thermal mature heat (45° C ca.) what, applied on you determine zones of the body, it is suitable for the care and the prevention of the osteo-articular pathologies (arthrosis, rheumatisms, results of fractures, etc.). Ideal treatment also for the one that wants to get a relaxing action and detossinante at the same time in a single session.
Multijet (20 minutes):An exclusive tub for hydro massage with thermal water that prepares of well 180 throws with programmable sequences, that stimulate the circulation and they loosen the muscular tension. 

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Saturnia Thermal Spas, between legend and history
In the heart of Tuscany's Maremma, in the province of Grosseto, rises the thermal complex of Saturnia, a few kilometres away from cities of art and towns such as Pitigliano and Sovana and areas of natural interest.The birth of the Thermal spas finds space both in the historical memory and in a more imaginative legend that tells of how the brave paladin Orlando, after visiting the area where the waters currently rise, which at the time was malaria ridden and swampy, washed and saw that his wounds were miraculously healing. Lodging his sword into the thermal basin he pronounce these words: "..water staying here in Saturnia, go down to that plain and heal the wounds ".The legend narrates on the other hand that Saturn, god of agriculture, became angry with human species because warmongers and so thrust lightning on the earth to punish them. As the lightning hit the ground, it caused sulphurous and warm water to spurt out which calmed the human warmongerings. Actually Saturnia's thermal spas were already known during the age of the Etruscans, and in the surrounding area there are many archaeological sites that belonged to the "tusci" (thus they were called by the Romans). And also in medieval times the thermal springs in Saturnia were object of contention among local feud holders who had discovered the beneficial effect of hydro and mud therapy.

Saturnia Thermal spa complex Saturnia the Town Saturnia "le Cascatelle" 
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The Saturnia 's Thermal Baths.

Currently the Terme di Saturnia established themselves as a thermal spa complex: Salus Per Aquam, basically a complex dedicated to wellbeing. The service offered by the centre is quite extensive: classic thermal services, but also nutritional and fitness advice. The offer ranges from 4 37° sulphurous waters pools; an Institute of Thermal Medicine and Scientific Cosmetics for thermal cures programmes, physiotherapeutic, aesthetic, diet, fitness, sauna and Turkish bath.The philosophy behind the thermal complex is to offer customers global wellbeing, so there are five wellbeing areas subdivided in : hydrotherapy, aesthetics, stress management, diet and fitness.



It welcomes you in a great plaza, so many trees, small shops with so many local products.The country, very small, it is as a sky open museum.A piece of boundaries Romans, an intact arc still, a street line Roman, a column, a rock of abandoned tufo in a garden with some writing and a bas-relief.Every angle offers some suggestive memory and a past that it brings even us to about 200 before Christ.....


To Saturnia....  

You can bathe you in the famous calcareous cascatelles formed by the natural source. They are found in the mean of the country maremmana to few kilometers from the center of Saturnia.The bath is free and in winter that warm shiver is a pleasant transgression.The young people and the less young people like it:, it is a pleasant senzazione in a suggestive environment.Whether not to try a bath to midnight together with friends and illuminated only by the moon......

You have always dreamt of it spends a week of relax to Saturnia... now it is very more convenient with the apartments of Rental Saturnia.
      Saturnia 's Thermal Baths - swimming pools

Tariffe terme

TARIFFE & ORARI 2004                                                                                     

Giornaliero Euro 16,00

Giornaliero ridotto

(medici, bambini da 2 a 6 anni)  EURO 8,00

Pomeridiano  EURO 12,00


Giornaliero + servizi

(1 lettino + 1 ombrellone ogni 2 persone) EURO 20,00                             


ORARI 2004

Dalle 09,30 alle 17,30 Orario Invernale

Dalle 09,30 alle 19,30 Orario Estivo

Pomeridiano: dalle 14,00 alle 17,30 Orario Invernale

Pomeridiano: dalle 15,00 alle 19,30 Orario Estivo


  Saturnia 's Thermal Baths - swimming pools     Saturnia 's Thermal Baths - the natural falls
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