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Apartaments in Saturnia

Saturnia, our Saturnia, you from the welcome in one of our delicious apartments. We augur ourselves that your stay in our apartments, leads to you through the places of our earth and you gets passionate and you spells as it has made with we. It's a still integral and intact earth, where the simple stay for one sufficient vacation is  to giving to serenity and force of mind. Thrown  the haste, forgotten the noises, and making to take you for hand, you come to discover our sweet Maremma

Wohnung in Saturnia

Die Antere Maremma heißt Sie willkommen.
Wir hoffen, dass Sie ein Aufenthalt in einem unserer Ferienwohnungen fasziniert und Ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, die Orte, die Riten und die Geschichte unserer Region kennenzulernen.
Es ist ein noch intaktes ,klares, gut duftendes Land, in dem ein einfacher Urlaubsaufenthalt wieder ruhe und Kraft bringt. Lassen Sie jede Eile hinter sich, vergessen Sie den Lärm und atmen Sie die Luft mit geschlossenen Augen, genießen  Sie die tausend Gerüche und folgen Sie uns bei der Entdeckung unserer Dolce Maremma.

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According to its inhabitant's opinion, Sovana should have to be under a bell glass to preserve its beauties. In fact, Sovana has got a lot of beauties and also a special atmosphere. This is the reason because people must pay a visit to Sovana, even if coming from afar.
The most important monuments are Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, the square with Pretorium Palace, and the church of Saint Mary that preserves a ciborium of VIII century on the altar.
There is also the Rocca, the remains of a tower that shows to the foreigner the street for going to the Etruscan necropolis.






Sovana the History


  A prosperous Etruscan centre, as the affluent necropoles of the area bear witness, it was a very important castle of the Aldobrandeschi family who made it the capital of their county. It has been able to keep almost intact the medieval urban foundation, with the evocative Pretorio Square which is overlooked by the most representative buildings and not far away the Cathedral of great renown, an imposing Romanesque building. The Etruscan tombs of the area are truly suggestive, including the monumental Ildebranda Tomb. There are numerous possible excursions on foot to get to know this fascinating area characterised by the typical tufaceous landscape of the unique "vie cave".



Sovana Today


Today the country also appears solitary and partially abandoned, it counts less than 500 inhabitants, although recently object of numerous restorations.

The testimonies that still today remains of the medieval period let us understand the great prosperity that Sovana reached under the control of the counts Aldobrandeschi. From the summit of a cliff of tuff set to the vertex of the inhabited area rise the mighty ruins of the Rocca Aldobrandesca, erect in the 12-13th centuries on the place of the precedents small Etruscan and Roman fortifications, that the perimeter of the walls seems tracings to the perfection. The reddish mass of the fortification has the aspect that was given it after the 1572 restoration, when new ramparts was added to the walled enclosure. Because of the historical events that saw Sovana always at the border of the economic and social development of the zone, already during the years of 17th century begun the dismantlement of the Fortress. Today still stand a tower and a line of walls, partly still endowed machicoulis in stone, besides the gate of access. The surrounding zone is rich of stupendous Etruscan graves dug in the tuff.

Sovana - das Grab Ildebranda

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