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Apartaments in Saturnia
, our Saturnia, you from the welcome in one of our delicious apartments. We augur ourselves that your stay in our apartments, leads to you through the places of our earth and you gets passionate and you spells as it has made with we. It's a still integral and intact earth, where the simple stay for one sufficient vacation is  to giving to serenity and force of mind. Thrown  the haste, forgotten the noises, and making to take you for hand, you come to discover our sweet Maremma

Wohnung in Saturnia 

Die Antere Maremma heißt Sie willkommen.
Wir hoffen, dass Sie ein Aufenthalt in einem unserer Ferienwohnungen fasziniert und Ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, die Orte, die Riten und die Geschichte unserer Region kennenzulernen.
Es ist ein noch intaktes ,klares, gut duftendes Land, in dem ein einfacher Urlaubsaufenthalt wieder ruhe und Kraft bringt. Lassen Sie jede Eile hinter sich, vergessen Sie den Lärm und atmen Sie die Luft mit geschlossenen Augen, genießen  Sie die tausend Gerüche und folgen Sie uns bei der Entdeckung unserer Dolce Maremma.

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Just 8 Km. Far from Saturnia’s  thermal baths Semproniano rises on a travertine hill that overhangs Albegna’s valley.   It is a little village with a very beautiful historical centre, still well preserved. Narrow alleys, old stone houses natural travertine terraces that appear on a wonderful green panorama Here, among fragranges, flowers and blue sky, you can spend in our apartments a vacation in total quiet. 


History of Semproniano










Semproniano stands on top of the hillocks which separate the valleys of the Albegna and Fiora rivers. During the Middle Ages it belonged to the Aldobrandeschi: in 1331 it was besieged by Sienese troops commanded by Guido Hiccio da Fogliano, but Siena only hecame sole owner in 1424. The center still maintains its medieval flavor, with narrow alleys and stone homes which wind up towards the ruins of the Aldobrandeschi fortress where only the foundations of a powerful tower still remain. The church of Santa Croce (XII century) rises next to the fortress and still holds a wooden crucifix of the XII century. Lower down, there is the pieve with bell tower with two sets of windows with one opening, dedicated to saints Vincent and Anastasio; built by the Aldobrandeschi (XIII century) it has Roman-Gothic windows, travertine ashlars and walls built in rows. On the lunetta of the travertine facade, between the patron saints, there is an Aldobrandeschi lion. Inside, a painting of the Rosario attributed to Francesco Vanni. In the new part of town, outside the ancient walls, one encounters the oratory of San Rocco, characterized by a renaissance arch: it was built around 1476 as au offering against the plague epidemic. At the entrance of the road leading to Fibbianello there is the church of the Madonna delle Grazie founded during the sixteenth century: inside, a fresco representing Sant'Antonio da Padova by Francesco Nasini.


A visit to.... Rocchette di Fazio

Semproniano- Rocchette di Fazio - Saturnia

In a short time , a tortuous road offering an excellent view of the town brings us to Rocchette di Fazio. a breathtaking panorama. There is a passageway with two arches leading into the PaIt is a truly magical place. To walk through its alleys is to enter in a fairytale. There are the remains of the stronghold which dominated the valley and which offer azzo Pretorio, and there are the castle gate and the remains of the Hospital.

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